Water Utilities

VAPAR’s digital platform helps Water Utilities to modernize their inspection processes, streamline their budgets and improve their asset condition.

Why do Water Utilities use VAPAR?


Receive uploaded data remotely, remove the need for manual assessments, digitize, centralise and standardize your data, and receive repairs recommendation in your preferred format.


Make informed decisions about which pipes actually need attention to optimise your CAPEX expenditure. You'll also reduce the risk of unplanned repairs with granular, objective data.


Ensure that pipes that most need repairs or maintenance are given the attention they deserve. Standardised data means that all your infrastructure is graded on the same objective scale.

How it works

Our platform changes the way Water Utilities execute their wastewater infrastructure repair and maintenance plans. Whether you’re looking to save time, money, or asset downtime, VAPAR can help.

Secure upload and storage to protect your data

Upload or review pipe inspection footage from anywhere, anytime, with the confidence that VAPAR’s platform will keep your data secure.


Search, sort & filter for efficient navigation

Quickly & efficiently navigate through large sets of inspection footage files with our search, sort & filter functionality.


Job categorisation to track projects

Categorise your uploaded CCTV videos into by jobs folders to make tracking your projects and workflows easy and efficient.

Compare assessments to reduce manual oversight

Automatically compare VAPAR’s assessments with that of your contractors, meaning your staff only need to investigate where the assessments differ.


Export results in your preferred format

Export results by asset, by defect, in CSV, PDF or XML format, and collated how you prefer. We also have a number of integrations into other software packages.

Mapping your results for spatial summaries

VAPAR can display condition data for your assets on map format, giving an instantaneous visual summary of defect location and severity.


DIY coding for full flexibility and oversight

Prefer to leave the coding of inspection footage to your operators? Our DIY coding feature allows your experienced operators to handle CCTV coding via our easy-to-use interface.


Assisted Coding for accurate assessments

VAPAR’s AI models can automatically and accurately code inspection footage, saving time and expense for Contractors and Asset Owners.

Repair recommendations to decide what pipes actually need repair

Based on the data provided by our AI inspection models, you’ll receive objective recommendations on which pipes need repair, and a suggested action based on the pipe defects and condition.


Repair prioritisations to allocate expenditure

Receive comprehensive data-driven prioritisations for your pipe assets, assisting you in building your asset plan, and helping you to direct resources where they are most needed.


Our Integrations

VAPAR’s platform offers a fantastic range of partner integrations to make the lives of asset owners easy!


Get your existing GIS updated automatically from VAPAR outputs, streamlining your processes.

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Feed inspection and condition results directly into your Asset Management Software.

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Cloud Storage

Streamline the transfer of inspection footage with cloud storage integration.

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Integrates with your existing business ERP to align business processes. 

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Priced to suit you.

No matter the size of your organisation, the size of your clients, or the number of projects you handle, VAPAR has a solution to suit you.


Want your pricing to reflect the amount of work you're handling? With VAPAR's pay-as-you-go pricing, you'll never pay for anything more than you actually use.

Capped Pricing

Want the flexibility to process more footage without worrying about additional cost? VAPAR's capped pricing offers a great blend of predictability and flexibility.

Interested in a trial?

We’d love to show you how VAPAR can help your organisation save time, money, and asset life!