What is VAPAR?

VAPAR is a cloud platform that automates condition assessment directly from pipe CCTV footage. VAPAR users enjoy superior accuracy in the tracking of maintenance and repair requirements for this infrastructure in addition to significant savings in associated labour costs.


Delivering the right technology to eliminate repetitive manual tasks in infrastructure management.

We partner with our customers on their biggest challenges and use the latest technology to provide compelling solutions.


VAPAR was founded in January 2018 by two Australian engineers on a mission to automate manual tasks in asset management.

Today, the VAPAR platform processes over two hundred thousand metres of wastewater infrastructure for dozens of clients across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Since its establishment, VAPAR has received over $1.2 million in funding from the Australian Government, NSW Government, and some of Australia’s most ambitious investors.

Our team

CEO and Co-founder

Amanda Siqueira

As a civil engineering intern, Amanda used to manually review CCTV pipe inspection videos for 8 hours a day for Sydney Water in Australia. Since then, she has worked in design, construction and remediation of drainage and sewer pipes in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Together with Michelle, she started VAPAR with a vision to bring emerging technology into the Asset Management space and revolutionise the way infrastructure is tracked, repaired and maintained. Amanda leads the operations, sales and business administration for VAPAR.

CTO and Co-founder

Michelle Aguilar

Michelle is a co-founder of VAPAR and has been the technical lead for the company since its inception 2 years ago. Over this time, Michelle’s role has transformed from being the sole developer and administrator for VAPAR software, to managing a team of software developers and data scientists, making customer focused decisions for the technical roadmap of VAPAR’s products.

Her career background spans multiple industries including wastewater, process automation and writing specifications and deploying user-tested code to production for Australia’s largest bank. Michelle leads product development and technical implementation of VAPAR’s vision.

Lead Data Scientist

Saeed Amirgholipour PhD

Saeed is an AI Architect, Full Stack Data Scientist, and Data Science/ AI Lead Trainer with over 10 years of industry experience, including CSIRO’s Data61, Australia’s leading data innovation group. His experience spans across end-to-end large-scale innovative AI, Data Science, and analytics solutions. Saeed has a passion for solving complex business problems utilizing Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) models.

Digital Marketing Manager

Matthew Pittorino

As VAPAR’s Digital Marketing Manager, Matt is responsible for bringing new organisations to the VAPAR platform, helping them to optimise the tracking, repair and maintenance of their asset infrastructure.

Prior to joining VAPAR, Matt has served as CEO for another digital start-up, Ezi Debt Collection, and has also spent time in digital marketing, content & engagement roles with both Engineers Australia and Equiem.


Allan Aaron

Allan is a hugely experienced Director and Advisor who has previously served on the boards of several high-profile companies, including NASDAQ-listed organisations and others who have been acquired for up to A$1Bn.

Allan is a Director of Technology Venture Partners (TVP), one of Australia’s largest venture capital funds and has overseen investment of over $240 million in 25+ tech start-ups in Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia. Allan has also assisted in the raise of over $620 million in equity funding and over $30 million in grant finding – in a addition to his role as a former advisor to a Federal Government grants program.

Finance and Risk Advisor

Aine leonard

Aine is an experienced financial professional who has facilitated growth in a number of high growth international businesses through her career.  By bringing together chartered accountancy and her experience in corporate governance, Aine supports the VAPAR team to help deliver on their corporate strategy by working through end-to-end financial, operational and risk management, and overseeing VAPAR’s strategy and business plans.

Sales Advisor

Luke Rust

Luke has a passion for commercialising innovative, AI-enabled technologies that solve real-world problems for infrastructure, energy and mobility. Over the last 3 years, he has developed the commercial capability of Immense AI, a fast-growing UK start-up providing distributed simulations to support strategic and operational planning of transport systems, and led their market entry into Asia Pacific.  Having started his career undertaking utility surveys and drainage design in the UK, Luke will also support our growth in that region. 

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