A standardised way to track, review and plan pipe assessments. Automatically.

VAPAR’s innovative platform automates the review of CCTV pipe footage, producing more accurate results quicker, more accurately and at a lower cost.

Our platform:


Reduced cost of CCTV inspection and data transfer process

Increased efficiency and standardisation in decision making​

Fast turnaround times for end to end process​

Less time on site for CCTV contractors

Consistent, objective assessments, resulting in optimised budgets for pipe repairs


VAPAR reduces review costs, human error and subjectivity allowing asset owners to ensure that the right pipes are repaired. This allows asset owners to direct more budget to surveying their network more widely, in addition to saving loads of time and labour.

VAPAR uses trained AI models to autonomously review video footage, classifying and categorising infrastructure defects quickly and accurately. These models continue to grow more advanced with every video processed, meaning that we’re constantly providing better service.

Once videos are processed, on the platform you can:

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