A standardised way to track, review and plan pipe assessments. Automatically.

VAPAR.solutions is a cloud platform that automates condition assessment directly from pipe CCTV footage.

Our platform:

  • Takes in your sewer or stormwater pipe inspection footage as an upload
  • Processes the footage to automate the detection of defects in the pipe
  • Provides a condition assessment and displays the results


Reduced cost of CCTV inspection and data transfer process

Increased efficiency and standardisation in decision making​

Fast turnaround times for end to end process​

Less time on site for CCTV contractors

Consistent, objective assessments, resulting in optimised budgets for pipe repairs


The platform reduces review costs, human error and subjectivity allowing asset owners to ensure that only the right pipes are repaired, whilst freeing up budget to survey a greater % of their network.

We’ve been collecting and classifying examples of defects in pipes across thousands of pipe inspection videos from around the world. Based on those examples, we’ve trained AI models to autonomously classify and categorise defects. You can think of it as pattern matching, and it gets better with the more videos processed.

Once videos are processed, on the platform you can:

  • View the available asset details of each video
  • Check out the identified defect images and their classifications and locations
  • Filter results by overall condition scores to identify pipes needing the most attention
  • Browse the location of all of your processed pipes on a map
  • Get an inspection report in a straightforward PDF format
  • Pull data into a spreadsheet format for further analysis and manipulation
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