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Uploading your CCTV videos

Start a new upload

1. Select the Upload button on the top right in the header bar.

2. An upload sidebar will appear. Select the job you want to upload from the dropdown, then press the + button to select the CCTV video files for upload from your local computer or network. You are able to select multiple files at one time. If you are a contractor, you will be able to select from your list of clients and their jobs.

Note: If the jobs list has recently changed, press the refresh button next to the dropdown to update the items in the jobs list.

3. Your selected files will populate the upload window list and commence uploading, one at a time. Check that the list is correct by scrolling through the entire list. To remove files from the upload list, select the bin icon for the relevant rows.

4. The videos will then commence uploading with the File name and % upload Progress shown in this window.

Note: Please note that the speed of this process is highly reliant on your individual internet connection bandwidth. Do not close the browser/tab, or refresh the page while uploads are occurring to ensure files upload fully.

5. To hide this window, press the X in the top left corner of the sidebar. This will not stop the upload process. You can reopen it by pressing the “Upload” button as in step 1.

Processing files

When your files have reached 100% upload Progress, the rest of the process is completed in our cloud servers and will no longer rely on your internet connection.

The uploaded video file names will appear in the Currently Processing list with details about the processing progress. There are four main Status’ that a file could have:

1. Waiting to process – this status means that the file is in the queue for processing. Files will have this status for a number of reasons, such as:

      1. the % upload Progress for that file has not yet reached 100%
      2. high demand of the cloud engine, so your files are in the queue for processing

2. Whilst the file has this status, you have the option to delete the file using the bin logo in the Actions column. If your file remains in this status for more than 30 minutes, please contact us on feedback@vapar.co

3. Processing – This means our cloud engine has started processing your file. Whilst the file has this status, you are unable to delete the file.

4. Storing results – This means that the results are being transferred into your account for viewing in the Analyse page.

5. Awaiting manual review – If your organisation has elected to have manual reviews carried out for results prior to finalisation, this status means that the automated results are complete but have not yet been manually reviewed. This status will disappear once the reviewed button has been pressed for these videos on the Analyse page.

Once files have been fully processed, the video will disappear from the Processing Videos list and the Video list will be updated. You can press the refresh icon next to the table headings to update the tables.

Viewing your uploaded items

Once files have completed the above processing stages, the Video list will record the file and upload details. From here you will also be able to perform a select number of actions.

If the file has finished processing, the View button will be blue and enabled within the Video list. If this button is greyed out, this means the file has not been processed yet.

Clicking on the view button will open the frame-by-frame view, showing the condition assessment results. For more information on this section please see Reviewing Analysed Data – the frame-by-frame view.

There are additional actions that can be done by pressing the “…” icon next to the view button.

Cancelling an upload

An upload can be canceled when the status of the uploaded file is Waiting to process by clicking the icon in the Action column.

Once the file status changes to Processing, then the upload can no longer be cancelled using this method. However, you will be able to remove the uploaded file by following the instructions in Deleting uploaded files.

Deleting uploaded files

You will be able to remove files from the Uploaded Items list by clicking the delete icon in the Action column

Moving files

You will be able to move the files between jobs once uploaded by:

      1. using the Actions button for individual files on the Analyse page shown in Individual File Actions.
      2. using the Bulk Actions button for selected files on the Analyse page shown in Bulk Actions.
      3. using the Move Job button on the Settings page to move the contents of one entire job folder to another as shown in Organising your files

Organising your files - Job folders

By default, there is only one folder where your files will be uploaded which is the “Unallocated” job folder. To change this, select a different job folder prior to uploading your files with the dropdown that appears in the upload sidebar.

If you would like to create a new job folder, navigate to the Settings tab and click “Create a new job” and fill in the details of the new job, then click “Create”. If you are a contractor, you will be able to select from your list of clients or your own organisation to create a job for.

The Jobs table in the settings page shows the details for all jobs within your organisation.

To rename, bulk move files or remove jobs from this list, use the actions within the table.

Once changes are made to the job list, you can press the refresh button on the upload sidebar and header bar to reflect the changes to the jobs list.

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