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Compare Results Capability

If your organisation has elected to use the advanced auditing feature that compares on-site results to the AI outputs, your organisation will receive a “Project Uploader” desktop application which all uploads should be done through.

Please contact us via feedback@vapar.co if you wish to receive more information about this capability.

If there are unmatched results between the on-site and AI results, the structural and service score will show blank, otherwise they will show a score as shown below

All unmatched results must be either classified or hidden in the frame-by-frame view before they will receive a structural and service score based on the defects. This can be done as described in Reviewing Analyzed Data

If results have been partially matched, the matched defects will be shown with a classification and do not need to be reviewed. Only frames that have “Select defect or hide” indicated need to be reviewed.

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