Innovate4Water Virtual Conference

Innovate 4 Water Conference

Our CEO and co-founder, Amanda Siqueira, has had an excellent opportunity to present at the Innovate 4 Water conference in Brisbane, organised by the International Water Centre (IWC).

The presentation was hosted on an innovative conferencing platform that combined both physical and virtual participation, meaning ideas sharing and networking opportunities were still flowing, despite the physical separation.

It was a great initiative and implementation to keep people innovating for water.

Presenting at the SWAN 2020 conference

Co-founder and CTO Michelle Aguilar had an excellent opportunity to share the latest developments we are working on with United Utilities last night at the 2020 annual SWAN conference. Presenting with James Devereux in the Wastewater panel, we saw plenty of incredible developments in this space and are excited to see innovative tech being adopted around the world to deal with the challenges. It is promising to see some of the giants of the water industry are busting through barriers for adoption. The insights that have come from working with UU over the past nine months have been invaluable!

Smart Water Networks forum with VAPAR
SWAN collaborates with VAPAR

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Future Water Association’s Water Dragons Finalist

VAPAR is proud to announce that we were finalists for the UK Future Water Association‘s Water Dragons competition. Hosted remotely, a variety of water industry representatives from Yorkshire Water, Environment Agency, Arup, The University of Sheffield, and Hyrdosave saw VAPAR presenting our automated pipe defect detection platform against 4 other innovative water products who have lso made it into the finals.

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Talking Asset Management at the IPWEA NSW regional meeting

VAPAR was privileged to sponsor and present at The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) NSW North Metropolitan region meeting, where the focus was on Asset Management. Fascinating insights were shared, discussing the variations in asset management plans and approaches across councils in NSW, as well as the collaboration of capital works planning across different service providers.


DATA: NOW & BEYOND – British Water Conference in the UK

This October, our CTO, Michelle Aguilar, had the privilege to take part in British Water‘s annual data conference. It was a great opportunity to obtain various insights into how the water sector can manage data more effectively.

The conference had an impressive line up of speakers, including presenters from the transport and electricity utilities sectors, sharing insights into similar challenges to those the water industry faces.

The event was well-attended and VAPAR was glad to be a part of it. It was brilliant to see the openness and drive that the UK utilities have demonstrated around process optimisation and data management.

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Collaborative Presentation at South Australia Assetic’s User Group

Last month, VAPAR had the privilege of presenting at the Assetic SA User Group in Adelaide to 55 attendees from 17 councils.

It was a collaborative forum where speakers and asset managers came together to discuss how applications in deep machine learning, automation and digital twins can change the face of public infrastructure management to serve our communities better.

The discussion between all of attendees involved was what made the forum truly collaborative. The best way to drive innovation adoption is to get feedback first hand, and we were privileged to be involved!

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No Dig Down Under

VAPAR has taken the initiative this year to be apart of a great networking event for the water industry at No Dig Down Under (NDDU) in Melbourne.

NDDU is an event ripe with innovation and ideas being shared in a challenging and forward thinking environment.

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United Utilities’ Innovation lab

We are very proud to finally announce that VAPAR is working with United Utilities

as part of their 2019 Innovation lab!

Over the next 10 weeks, Michelle Aguilar will be working closely with United Utilities to help automate fault detection in their 72,000 kilometre sewer network and speed up any repairs!